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Art Club: Fundamentals of the Italian Renaissance

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Art Club: Fundamentals of the Italian Renaissance

Megha Verma
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Weekly Art History and Criticism Lessons on Zoom. High quality education about the Great Arts of the Italian Renaissance taught through the philosophy of Beauty, Truth and Virtue.

In this course, I offer an in depth study of the Fundamentals of the Italian Renaissance. A survey of all the genius artists who flourished during this time and their greater religious, political and philosophical contexts. This course will expose you to great art, but also take you through some of the most important philosophical and historical texts to understand this period better.

A study of Renaissance is not merely a study of what has been and gone, rather, it is a study of what can be once again. What would it take to nurture the conditions for our own civilizations to achieve greatness again? How can we nurture the spirit of nobility in ourselves and in our communities?

To understand the greatness that humanity has once achieved, is to plant the hope that one day, we will achieve such greatness again.

Students will learn art criticism and philosophy that is not taught today at any university or in any mainstream education system. Students will participate in carrying out original scholarship with interactive lessons.

Lesson recordings and notes are posted each week in case you miss the lesson or cannot attend for any reason.

Lessons planned in the course:

  • The Vatican and the Medici: Politics and Patrons of the Renaissance in Italy
  • The Cathedral and the City
  • The Role of the Artist in Religion
  • The Invention of Antiquity
  • Renaissance Rome
  • Renaissance Theories of Beauty and Nature
  • Christianity and Greek Mythology
  • Architecture as Language
  • Interpreting Michelangelo
  • The Invention of the Art Gallery

Lessons will occur each Monday at 4pm EST starting January 9, 2023

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Access to weekly Art History and Criticism lessons with Megha Verma. Discussion and conversation with like minded individuals. A high quality Arts education currently unavailable at any mainstream education.


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